AvaUnity: A CommUnity of OpportUnity

AvaUnity is a Digital Unified Knowledge Platform where its members can teach or take online courses with Ava Learning hire or sell expert services through Ava Experts and read or author original content on Ava Community’s social media platform. 

Learn, Earn, Create and Share

Mission & Vision

AvaUnity is an online global knowledge platform and community united by a desire to connect members’ minds and passions through Learning, Earning, Sharing, and Creating. AvaUnity creates innovative digital entrepreneurs in the global Digital Economy that will make a positive impact in the world around them.

Go Beyond Just Learning a Skill

Take a course or learning path that will teach you to become a strategic leader and open up new opportunities for your future

Create Your Own Following

Share your knowledge on a special topic by writing a blog or hosting a webinar/webcast

Gain Recogntion

Author an original course on a new or trending topic

Help Others Be a Success

Offer your expertise as an on-demand virtual member of a team

Earn Money

Promote and sell courses and services through your social networks as an AvaAffiliate   

Play to Win

Earn AvaCoin as you learn, earn,  share, create 

About AvaUnity

AvaUnity was founded by a team of dedicated individuals bringing a diverse background of professional and life experiences and united by a strong passion in enabling our members to succeed in their personal and professional goals. 


Your Budget.
Your Time.
Your Lifestyle.


Your Sales.
Your Services.
Your Coin.


Your Stories.
Your Experiences.
Your Friends.


Your Original.
Your Legacy.
Your Start-Up.
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