Arcitura Cloud Certification Program

This program is the most comprehensive and will prepare you to architect, engineer and manage the most innovative Cloud Service organizations in the world.
Our Cloud program refined and cutting-edge curriculum, will give you an immersive and dynamic learning experience that will give you the confidence and competence you need to succeed in Cloud leadership roles.

Arcitura Cloud Certification Program

Learn. Work. Live.
• Create Strategies for cloud adoption and successful business outcomes
• Intelligently Design agile cloud services and architecture
• Efficiently Deploy a flexible infrastructure
• Dynamically Manage a, proactive team
• Innovative Monitoring to stay ahead of the curve

Is this Program Right for You?

Its more than a career. It’s a way of life. It’s a path to the future.
Enhancing your real-life skills while you’re in college? Or taking a sabbatical? Are you looking for a promotion, raise or looking for a new career challenge.
Cloud is multi-faceted and so are the roles and opportunities. There are many paths you can choose from in a career in Cloud and there are roles that can fit you. A career in Cloud comes from a diverse background. There’s a place for everyone in the Cloud.
You’re a Life-long Learner. Learning for Life. Freelancer, entrepreneur, intellectually-curious, career change, non-technical and technical roles.
Wherever you find yourself in your career or life goals, we have a program that fits your lifestyle.

Demand for cloud computing expertise continues to increase exponentially and will accelerate in 2019.

$146,350 is the median salary for cloud computing professionals in 2018. Cloud computing salaries have soared in the last two years, with 2016’s median salary being $124,300 a jump of $22,050. The following graphic shows the distribution of salaries for 50,248 cloud computing jobs currently available in the U.S. alone. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading.

The Right Choice For You

Existing Professionals

• Enterprise Architect • Cloud Architect • Cloud Engineer • Cloud Services Developer • Cloud Cybersecurity Analyst • Data Analyst • AI • IoT

New Professionals

• Freelancer • Consultant • Entrepreneur • Intellectually-curious • Career change

Arcitura Cloud Certification Program

Learn. Work. Live.

Are You Committed to Your Success?

This program is an exciting, intense and challenging way to prepare you to be an outstanding influencer in the Cloud industry. It will take dedication and commitment, but we will help you achieve your goals. Get ready to immerse yourself in learning new hard and soft skills that will make you a great negotiator, team collaborator, influencer and expert. Our students say that, while it was an intense and difficult program, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and one of the best choices they ever made for their career.

Hard Skills

• Cloud Orchestration & REST API • Software Defined Data Center & Virtualization • Containerization & Distributed Applications • Stateless Architecture & Mobility

Soft Skills

• Influence ideas and strategies • Negotiating to close deals, proposals and salaries • Communication with management, team and clients • Showcasing your skills and project portfolio • Managing projects within time, cost and scope

The Best Learning Environment

We will help you adjust to the learning curve of becoming a Cloud expert. Our knowledgeable instructors, cohesive curriculum, collaboration with other students and fast progress that you can’t do alone. Our instructors will personally guide you through your strengths and weaknesses, supported by real-world projects, peer networking and forums and access to industry experts via webinars.
• Expert instructors that will mentor you
• Cutting-edge curriculum and engaging learning environment
• Real-world projects that you can showcase in your portfolio
• CareerTalk & TechTalk Event series presented by life coaches and industry experts
• Access to extensive knowledge vault
• Social interaction with active contributing experts and peers via chat, webinars and forums
• Supportive community to develop and promote your knowledge and skills

Arcitura Cloud Certification Program

Learn. Work. Live.

What's In Your Future

Our graduates will be qualified as a Cloud Professinal and/or Expert responsible for deploying and overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. World-class intensive content that makes you a top influencer with expert understanding of the business, financial and technology models of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

Our graduates become the top decision-maker who hires and manages the vendor-certified professionals to implement your Cloud Services and Cloud Architecture designs. As a graduate you will be self-sufficient to lead organizations in the following roles:

Technical Roles

• Cloud Architect: average range $120,000 – $172,000 source: Glassdoor
• Cloud Consultant: average range $118,000 – $187,000 source: Ziprecruiter

Non-Technical Roles

• Cloud Sales Executive: average range $94,000 – $117,000 source: Glassdoor
• Cloud Project Manager: average range $80,000 – $134,000 source: Glassdoor

Arcitura Cloud CertificationProgram

Learn. Work. Live.
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