Academic Partnership Programs

AvaUnity: The Learning Differentiator

Our program offers a way to extend and scale your course offerings that will complement and enhance your students’ hireability and relevance in the workforce market

Did You Know?

The Interdisciplinary Student

Students are increasingly looking for ways to customize their education from many learning disciplines as opposed to attending a single academic institution for their entire education

The Interdisciplinary School

According to Smithsonian Institute, there is an emerging trend of universities partnering with Online Teaching Companies to resolve the growing skill gap in the market through the adoption of “Extension Schools”

The Bridge between Academia and the Workforce Market

World-Class Curriculum

The students will gain access to cutting-edge curriculum developed by industry-renowned experts while remaining in your programs where students will have better career opportunities

Global Employer Network & Community

AvaUnity boasts a vibrant online community allowing the student to cultivate relationships with prospective employers, industry experts and peers around the globe through webinars, blogs and social sharing.

A Holistic Program that Prepares Today's Student to become Tomorrow's Leader

World-Class Curriculum

Our program will open a broad spectrum of opportunities for the students for internships, hiring, entrepreneurial aspirations as well as an expert knowledge foundation that will allow them to build on and stack other certifications and areas of study.

Work Portfolio

Students will confidently present their resume with practical experience and credentials, gained through projects undertaken with industry peers around the globe, to hit the ground running with the current workforce

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Richard Branson

Our Programs: Custom-built with Your Learning Programs in Mind

World-class and cutting-edge curriculum that complements your existing programs and prepares the student to enter the workforce as they learn to master the interview, influence and collaborate with teams around the globe
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