Code of Conduct

The AvaUnity Code of Conduct

We want AvaUnity to be a place where members feel freedom and safety to exchange innovative and positive interactions.  We don’t want to babysit or police what our members contribute but,  in the interest of community, we have the final word on what is acceptable and will remove any content we deem to be inappropriate or offensive. 


Lessons Learned from Mom



  • Treat Others how You want to be treated
  • Soap is cheap. There’s no excuse for being dirty 
  • Always say thank you and please = Respect others and respect  all walks of life!
  • Be nice to the new kid in school =  Be welcoming an encouraging to new bloggers 
  • If you see someone in need, offer to help them = Look for opportunities to mentor.
  • Don’t discuss politics or religion with your family 
  • If you think it might be inappropriate, it is
  • Turn that frown upside down = Smile and inspire! Find common ground with others
  • Are You Really Going Out Like That?! =  Choose your topic wisely to bring a collective benefit to the group  (remember Mom could   be reading your blog! :))
  • Don’t bring a toy unless you can share it with everyone =  Again, always keep the collective interests of the community in mind when you contribute something
  • Don’t be such a Drama Queen! ! 
  • No trolling.
  • No Profanity or Pornography Allowed
  • No bigoted, racist, or sexist language or comments
  • No harassment of others
  • No cyberbullying 
  •  No political posts or discussions
  • Use humor, but not at expense of others
  • Don’t attack, intimidate or offend others 
  • Don’t bore the group with personal gossip and endless stories
  •  Keep personal quarrels and conflicts out of any of these areas and try to reconcile on common ground.
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