With So Many Cloud Training Options, Why the Arcitura Cloud Certification Programs?

AvaUnity currently offers 5 Role-Based tracks from the Arcitura Program: Cloud Fundamentals, Cloud Architect, Cloud Capacity Planning Specialist, Cloud Governance, and Cloud Security Specialist. A candidate can elect to take one or all of the role-based tracks. The program also includes transformative  AvaUnity original  workshops, that span across all roles and dimensions of Cloud: business, finance, risk management/security, organizational, legal/governance, services, and technological models, policies and platforms.

This holistic and integrated learning model addresses all skills gap for leaders and team members with interdisciplinary knowledge skills to run a more agile and successful Cloud First department and organization.

According to Deloitte Insights, only 47% of executives are confident in their efforts to close the growing skills gap.

Deloitte Insights
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